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Bacterial Copper - Preferred Characteristics

Surfaces in the built environment represent an increasing concern to architects, designers, and other professionals when considering renovations or construction of a new facility. The Facility Guidelines Institute develops and publishes Guidelines for Design and Construction of Health Care Facilities, which serves as the standard in hospital design requirements. These guidelines include preferred surface characteristics (of the ideal product) for healthcare environments and can be universally applied to other spaces.



Below is a list of characteristics of ideal surfaces used in a healthcare environment.


LuminOre Copper Touch® surfaces offer a clear advantage in meeting these guidelines, exemplified in those characteristics listed below in bold.


  • Easy to maintain, repair and clean

  • Does not support microbial growth

  • Non porous and smooth

  • Has acoustic properties (e.g. Sound absorption), where applicable

  • Inflammable-Class 1 fire rating, low smoke toxicity

  • Durable

  • Sustainable

  • Low-VOC (no off-gassing)

  • Cost effective (initial and life-cycle cost-effectiveness)

  • Slip-resistant (appropriate coefficient of friction)

  • Easy to install, demolish and replace

  • Has compatible substrate and materials for surface assemblies

  • Seamless

  • Resilient, impact resistant

  • Controls reflectivity/glare

  • Has options for color, pattern, and texture

  • Made of non-toxic/non-allergenic materials


LuminOreCopper Touch® bactericidal copper surfaces meet nearly every required characteristic for ideal surfaces in healthcare environments. Products made with LuminOre Copper Touch® can be easily installed and fit seamlessly in almost any space. These smooth surfaces are durable and easy to clean, but most importantly they actively kill infectious bacteria


1. LuminOre Copper Touch® surfaces are also non-toxic and 100% recyclable.


Ask your healthcare provider about LuminOre Copper Touch® bactericidal copper surfaces today! Please contact us for more information about LuminOre Copper Touch®.

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